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Simple and light projects with the world's simplest process table creation tool

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Not enough functions?

It's too simple, so there are a lot of good!

Create a schedule
quickly and transcendently created!

Since it specializes only for schedule (Ganto Chart) creation and management, it can be created and edited quickly and quickly.

Export and save with PDF / Excel
URL can also be shared!

Since it can be exported and stored with PDF and Excel, it is easy to share customers and within the team! You can also set a password and share it with the URL.

You can manage the progress on the Inazuma Line!

If you enter the progress confirmation date, the progress of each task can be displayed on the Inazuma line, so the progress is obvious!

You can also check multiple projects together!

Not only can you proceed and manage one project, but you can check the multiple project processes you have made from a bird's -eye view! You can check all the tasks you have.
(Scheduled to be implemented)